Understanding Furnace and Boiler Basics

There are many ways which in which people all across the country heat their homes. There are still homes that heat with traditional firewood and others that supplement their heat with more modern methods such as solar heat. These days the type of heating system you choose to put in your home is mostly only limited by your imagination. Two of the most popular forms of heating are close cousins in the way they work; these are furnaces and boilers. Let’s take a look at some furnace and boiler basics to find out a little more about these popular types of home heating systems.

Forced Air Furnaces

This type of heating system is widely popular across North America. They are most often run using natural gas, liquid propane and oil as the fuel of choice. After the fuel is mixed with air and then burned, the resultant heat is carried to the rooms in a home by means of forced air.

Forced air furnaces offer those that use them an abundance of conveniences that cannot be found with other types of home heating systems.

For starters they are easily controlled from one convenient central location in your home. These controls can be simple on/off and temperature controls or they can be so sophisticated they can control the temperature in individual rooms from the central location. They also tend to be very efficient types of heating systems that are very durable in nature too.

They have several unique features which are not found in any other type of home heating system. For one they will improve the air quality in a home if the right types of filters are placed on the system. They can also have a convenient and comfortable air conditioning system added that will share the same ductwork with the forced air furnace. Even humidifiers can be added to make the air quality in the home feel that much better.

Boiler Heating Units

These types of home heating systems are widely popular on the other side of the Atlantic in Europe. They too can be run using natural gas, liquid propane and oil. They differ slightly from forced air furnaces in that they use water as the means of conveyance to get the heat where it needs to go to in your home.

Once the water is heated it travels by pipe to the different rooms in a home. Once it gets there it flows through special ‘radiators’ that then emit the heat out into a room. This is also a very efficient type of heat and it too can be conveniently controlled from one central location in your home.

These are both very good home heating systems in their own right. No matter which one you choose you can’t really go wrong with the decision to purchase it. Now that you are familiar with furnace and boiler basics you can even help your friends decide which one of these fine heating systems they would like to purchase for their new home.