Understanding Furnace and Boiler Basics

There are many ways which in which people all across the country heat their homes. There are still homes that heat with traditional firewood and others that supplement their heat with more modern methods such as solar heat. These days the type of heating system you choose to put in your home is mostly only limited by your imagination. Two of the most popular forms of heating are close cousins in the way they work; these are furnaces and boilers. Let’s take a look at some furnace and boiler …

10 Mistakes Homeowners Make when Buying a Furnace

Buying a furnace, cooling or indoor air quality system is a big investment for you and your family. Before choosing a particular make or model, do some research and ask questions about it to avoid making the following biggest mistakes when it comes to buying a furnace or air conditioner.

Choosing a contractor who is not qualified or not licensed

The most important step upon deciding to make the purchase is looking for the right contractor to do the job. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not ask the right questions …