Below is a series of application pictures showing the recommended coating process and the result of CoolTech Coatings used to repair roofing, metal and other building surfaces.
Metal screw tightening and replacement
Coating the screw heads
First layer of CoolTech-Top Coat
Metal walls & supports showing rust and rust stains
Same building using CoolTech-Top Coat
Badly damaged metal roof
Same roof with Spray Urethane Foam
CoolTech-Top Coat over the foam
Leaky & cracked composite roof
Coating the prepped roof
Finished roof with sealed ducting
Corrosive fertilizer plant
Finished roof with sealed ducting
Metal land-sea container
Brick structure with aging brick and mortar
After the brick was coated with CoolTech-Clear Seal
Initial roof with HVAC equipment
CoolTech-Seam & Crack Filler
Final CoolTech-Top Coat
CoolTech-Seam & Crack Filler
Top Coat over the Seam & Crack Filler