CoolTech Coatings, LLC is an Alabama based company dedicated to the development and distribution of high performance CoolTech Coatings family of products. CoolTech Coatings, LLC works with building owners and property managers to seal, repair and restore metal structures. We train contractors and coating applicators to properly manage the roof repair process from surface prep and leak repair to finish coats and site clean-up.

The Reflective Roof Coating technologies have been endorsed by DOE and EPA. The reflective coatings can lower roof temperatures by up to 100 °F and internal temperature 8-18 °F. The solar reflection and thermal emittance reduces heat transfer to the building plus extends the life of the roof and HVAC equipment.

Reflective coatings applied on an existing roof save over 75% the cost of a new roof replacement. The seamless elastomeric properties seals the surface for water leaks and adapts to the dynamic changes in the roof due to environmental, thermal and mechanical movement.

Contact us to learn how the CoolTech can Repair leaks, Restore appearance and Reduce energy costs. We can provide a list of qualified applicators or train your applicators to work with any roofing, building or metal structures requirements.

CoolTech Coatings, LLC

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