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CoolTech Coatings provide a family of sprayable elastomeric coatings designed to seal, repair and restore leaky metal building roofing panels. PLUS the white color reflects solar radiation to reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

The CoolTech Coating’s family of products Repairs metal building damage from aging and rust, reduces energy costs dramatically by reflecting solar radiation and restores the value and appearance of the metal building to original.

The CoolTech elastomeric coatings feature >800% elongation for durability, tenacious adhesion to the toughest metal or composite substrates, 85% reflectivity to “cool” the building and ability to resist biological activity.

The CoolTech-Sprayable Polyurethane Foam is used to repair seriously deteriorated or damaged roofing while reducing the energy costs and enhance the interior comfort during the hottest summer months. CoolTech-Top Coat seals and protects the spray urethane foam from sunlight damage and enhances the cooling properties of the urethane foam by reflecting 85% of the solar radiation.


1.   CoolTech’s Trio Coating System:

  • CoolTech-Surface Prep surface cleaner and rust preparation for ultimate surface adhesion.
  • CoolTech-Seam and Crack Filler to seal and repair cracks, seams, joints and screws.
  • CoolTech-Top Coat high performance reflective finish coat.

The Trio Coating System is designed to chemically work perfectly together to prepare and coat the surface for the ultimate in reflectivity and weather resistance challenges.

2.   CoolTech Coatings:

Products include the Brush and Trowel Grade Sealants used along with woven fabrics or scrims to repair major cracks, open seams, and leaky penetrations from weather related damage or years of solar aging.

3.   CoolTech Coatings-Sprayable Polyurethane Foam:

Closed cell energy efficient roofing insulation sealed and protected by CoolTech-Top Coat’s elastomeric reflective coating.

CoolTech Coatings provides world class assortment of solutions to roof coating, maintenance and aging metal building problems. The elastomeric coating system works to repair and seal taped seams and joints, coat and protect metal screws, and fill cracks or gaps around aged or damaged roofing penetrations. The sprayable liquid elastomeric system protects the roof from the source of future roofing leaks while significantly reducing energy costs. Additional spot touch up and occasional recoats will last the life of the building.

The highly reflective white color reflects 85% of the solar radiation to reduce cooling energy costs by up to 30%. CoolTech Coatings extend roofing service life by reducing thermal stress, oxidation and most weather related damage while enhancing the attractive appearance and functionality of the building.

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